A “Meowzer” from Mitzi, the Nashville Cat

Hoomans can be so selfish. “Dad’s mother is coming for visit, so “mom” is frantically cleaning up their messy house to keep the old lady quiet. She even threw out my favorite sitting box! So I lose my best lurking spot because he won’t pick up his own socks! Thankfully I have Gabby Barrett’s great new track, “The Good Ones” to keep my mind off how self-centered he is.

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Dogs Know Before We Do

It was a typical Thursday evening following a long day of helping women shed inches at The Shape Shop. I decided to visit my mom since one of my shops is located just five minutes from her residence. My family and I have three family dogs. Two Pitbulls who were born within the same litter, a brown one named Chief and a grey one named Blue, along with a black Lab/Pit mix named Bowie who we later adopted from a local shelter. When I walked through the front door, Chief, Blue, and Bowie leaped into the air out of sheer excitement. I didn’t find it too strange since they’re usually ecstatic to see me, though I did find their reaction to my entry slightly abnormal since I had just seen them not too long ago …

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American Classic Food Collection From P.L.A.Y Review

Use these playful plush snacks to include your furry pal while you’re watching Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. We’re rolling out to take a look at the American Classic Food Collection from P.L.A.Y. or Pet Lifestyles and You which is a company that does dog toys and gear the right way and for the right reasons. On the menu is the American Classic Food Collection which includes the Barky Burger, the Hot Diggy Dog, Frenchie Fries, Fluffy’s Fried Chicken and to wash it all down t…

Pet Adoption Program Expands To Help Seniors Keep Pets Amid The Pandemic

Each year the non-profit Pets for the Elderly helps more than 5,000 seniors pay the cost to adopt a pet. Now they are expanding their program to help cover the expense of keeping one, including food and veterinary care at participating shelters …

SOURCE: cnn.com November 12th, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 6.30.23 PM


The Daily Grudge Welcomes Pets For The Elderly

Their Mission: To provide companionship and health benefits to older adults through pet ownership and animal care assistance, while saving the lives of homeless shelter animals.

Information From The ASPCA

Learn how to keep your pets safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

ASPCA Pet Tips

With help from the ASPCA, The Daily Grudge team offers additional tips to help you keep your pets safe during this global crisis.

The ASPCA Offers Advice On Taking Your New Pet Home!


Share photos and posts of you and your pets showing us how you are staying amused and busy!

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